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Fairmont Hairpin Suites

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May 2019

The Fairmont Hairpin Suites allow guests to experience this iconic Monaco hairpin-corner from the comfort of a private hospitality suite. The hairpin is a very technical part of the circuit where the drivers have to concentrate hard every year there is an incident of significance that happens at the hairpin making in one of the most famous corners in F1.

Why This Location?

A great way to experience the Fairmont Hairpin from uncrowded private suites.


Race Viewing Prices

Thursday 23rd May SOLD OUT
Saturday 25th May €550 per person
Sunday 26th May €1,450 per person
Saturday & Sunday €2,000 per person

Included with this Race Viewing

  • Views of the famous Fairmont Hairpin from balcony.
  • Screens are located inside the suite and outside.
  • Specially prepared 'Grand Prix' buffet luncheon is served in the suite.
  • Selection of Champagne, fine wines, selected spirits, beers, soft drinks.
  • Senate Grand Prix personnel available for the duration of your trip.
  • Dedicated hospitality welcome desks during the racing schedule.
  • Souvenir lanyards, VIP passes, programmes and exclusive Senate caps.